Asbestos Regulations UK

What are the regulations surrounding Asbestos in the UK?



Many people come to us at all about asbestos and a very confused by what exactly asbestos is and why the government impose strict regulations on asbestos within the UK. For many years asbestos was used throughout the UK on various building projects from your small properties to vast warehouses. Asbestos can be found in many places and it is a property owners duty to control, manage and eradicate any asbestos found – This article will outline the regulations surrounding asbestos in the UK so that you know if you need to check your property for asbestos.

Asbestos Regulations UK


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What is Asbestos and why was it used?

Asbestos is often referred to by many as a natural fibrous material. For builders, this is the ideal material to use in projects due to its fire protection properties, strength and resistance to chemicals. Asbestos is often found in a buildings fire proofing systems, in most cases it is spray applied to provide protection on structural supports and also is found on walls and ceilings. Another common use for asbestos here in the UK is asbestos being used as cement boards and tiles. These boards and tiles are traditionally found on the exterior of buildings and are often found as roofing for farms.  Asbestos has a wide variety of uses and it is quite likely that asbestos may well be present within your property. 


Why was asbestos used if it has negative side effects?

People are often left confused as to why asbestos was used if there were negative side effects that come with the use of it within buildings. Until the 1990’s the negative problems associated with asbestos were not known. Since the 1990’s the government have aimed at ensuring the asbestos regulations set in the UK eradicate asbestos from all buildings. The problem with asbestos is that the easiest way for the dangerous chemicals to enter the body is through breathing which means that every human is easily susceptible.


The government’s Asbestos Regulations UK

The asbestos regulations in the UK state that any property before the year 2000 must be checked and verified as being safe, secure and asbestos free. There are 3 main things that must be done to conform to the regulations set by the UK government. Firstly, the property owner must be able to identify if and where any asbestos containing materials are situated. Once the materials have been identified the property owner must devise a detailed plan outlining how they are going to manage the asbestos containing materials and ensure that the asbestos has completely been removed from the property. Thirdly, with the asbestos surveying service, we offer you  a certification to provide as evidence for the management of the asbestos containing materials


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