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Homeowners whose homes have artex or patterned ceilings may perhaps question the consequences of mesothelioma and if the materials in their homes contain it. If yes, they also question how much asbestos removal will cost and if it’s really essential to have done. If you need more information or are looking for Asbestos Removal Dover then All About Asbestos can help, call us today on 01843 600765.

All About Asbestos provide specialist asbestos surveying and remediation services throughout Dover, Kent and the South East. We have over 30 years experience within the asbestos industry and undertake work in domestic, industrial and commercial properties.

How Can I Detect Asbestos?

Homes or buildings built prior to the eighties are more likely to contain asbestos. If you live or work in a building built in the eighties or before and you are unsure if asbestos exists then call All About Asbestos today. We can investigate and advise you of the cost to remove the asbestos from your home or business. Fast removal is highly advisable.

If you’re unclear if you have asbestos fibres in your home, garage or outbuildings – ” All About Asbestos ” can offer surveys, assessment and asbestos removal in Dover. Call now on 01843 600765.

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Where Could Asbestos Be Located In My Property?

Numerous family homes and building structures do contain asbestos fibres inside their walls, insulation pipes, ceilings, etc. When disturbed, they will go airborne which results in the fibres being breathed in, posing significant respiratory system health problems in the future for individuals. Asbestos removal cost is nothing compared to the severe health risks it creates for people.

Products that contain asbestos fibres is often divided into 2 categories:

1. Friable – is when the asbestos fabric is reduced to powder and consequently, they can yield fibres very easily and are therefore a lot more dangerous to individuals. For this reason, they need a much more rigorous and specific management measure to ensure they are contained and not introduced to the surroundings. Removing this sort of asbestos could result in a higher asbestos removal fee due to the complications of removal.

2. Non-friable – is when the types of asbestos materials used are still very compact and will not easily discharge fibres into the surroundings. Eliminating this type of asbestos is easier, and often might not be crucial to remove at all.

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We offer comprehensive and transparent pricing to all of our customers, ensuring you get exactly what you pay for. We make sure all of our customers receive quality service and that work is carried out to the highest standard. If you are based in Dover, call us today on 01843 600765 to discuss your asbestos removal quote!

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