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As an asbestos inspection company with over 30 years of experience, All About Asbestos offers gold-standard asbestos testing and surveys for commercial buildings. Our team of certified asbestos inspectors can thoroughly assess your workplace or commercial property to identify hazardous asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), ensuring the safety of your occupants and compliance with regulations. Partner with our experts so you can manage or remove ACMs early, avoiding unsafe exposures, delays and costs down the road. Call today on 01843 600765 for a quote or use our online form to get started with precise commercial asbestos inspection services.

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Why you need a Commercial Asbestos Survey

Ensure workplace health and safety

Commercial asbestos surveys locate all ACMs within your building so property owners can either manage or remove the identified ACMs. Thus, protecting staff, contractors and the public from potential exposure to any asbestos identified.

This ensures you are compliant with Regulation 4 of The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Adhere to laws

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 mandates building owners and employers identify and safely manage workplace asbestos. Substantial fines, lawsuits and even criminal charges may apply if steps are missed.

Limit business disruptions

Undertaking proactive asbestos inspection can control the risk of emergency closures if asbestos is found later down the line. Testing early can help you avoid sudden business interruptions.

Arranging your Commercial Survey

Our team’s commitment to precision and personalised attention sets us apart in the asbestos surveys industry. Our clients will receive a tailored service addressing the unique needs of each commercial property, ensuring our final reports are highly detailed and accurate.


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After considering the project scope and findings from the site visit, we provide a clearly itemised quote outlining the complete asbestos testing inspection.


Work begins

Once you approve the quote, our fully certified and licensed team will conduct meticulous sampling and testing across your commercial property.

Where might Asbestos be in your Commercial Property?

Our experts are experienced in identifying where asbestos could be hiding within your commercial property. It could be found in partition walls, fire doors, and roof areas. A survey will help you company be secure in the knowledge that any asbestos has been identified, and dealt with.

Asbestos Where it Hides

Why choose All About Asbestos?

With over 30 years of experience across many commercial properties, building owners, facility managers, and construction companies trust our asbestos solutions and expertise.

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Licensed and accredited

Our entire commercial asbestos survey team is fully licensed, accredited and certified as per regulations.

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Comprehensive testing

We conduct detailed site-wide assessments, extensive sampling, lab confirmation, and detailed analysis to identify all asbestos precisely.

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Latest technology

We use the latest testing equipment, safety gear, software and more to enhance inspection capabilities for large-scale commercial facilities.

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Clear reporting  

The survey report presents locations of issues, priorities, photos, lab confirmation, diagrams, an asbestos register, remediation specifications and more for your compliance.

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Customer service

Customer service is crucial to our team – from planning, to quotes, to on-site work until the final service, we will provide you with the best.

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