Essential Tips for Performing Commercial Property Surveys

Commercial property surveys help buyers in making wise and balanced decisions in real estate. The role of surveyors is crucial and essential. These surveys provide essential information about property.

These surveys help in finding potential issues, suitability for lease, rent or sale and condition of the property.  The main reason why buyers and real estate agents do commercial property surveys is to check any associated risks, assets management, compliance with rules and regulation and value assessment of the property.

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Why You Should Perform Commercial Property Surveys

Performing a commercial property survey is necessary for managing risk and making informed decisions. This ensures that you book the right property with fair value in today’s competitive market. Here are some of the major reasons why you should perform commercial property surveys:

1. Risk Mitigation

Commercial property surveys help in identifying structural deficiencies, environmental hazards and non-regulatory compliance. If you know the risks beforehand you can take suitable steps to reduce liabilities and avoid any costly legal fine. You can also get information about any possible liabilities like asbestos, which can be risky and can cause respiratory diseases.

2. Decision Making

Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor you should have complete information about the property. The place will be your commercial residence or office, so you should know about drains, furniture and heating systems before you make the final offer. Property surveys provide a valuable insight and can predict possible future of the property.

3. Financial Planning

We all have budgets when we plan to buy anything. These surveys will help you understanding the total capital required by the property after repair and installation. These surveys help buyers to plan the budget. The surveys are also useful for financial planning and budgeting.

4. Compliance Assurance

There are various codes and regulations like building codes, zoning ordinances, accessibility standards and environmental laws. The commercial property should adhere to all these codes and regulations and property surveys help in ensuring that all regulations are met. The survey can also help you identifying if there are pending penalties and fines.

5. Negotiation Leverage

Whether it is an agreement, purchase contract or any other arrangement if you have the detailed property survey you can easily negotiate terms and conditions and value of the property. You can highlight the issues or problems discovered to negotiate and get true value of the property.

6. Asset Management

Commercial property surveys should be conducted regularly for easy management of asset. Survey helps in assessing the condition of property, modifications done, maintenance requirements and any other issue that can be timely resolved. Timely and prompt maintenance can extend the life of any property and increase monetary value.

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Tips For Performing Commercial Surveys

Here are some of the essential tips to ensure surveys cover all the necessary areas for detailed information:

1. Objective

Before you complete a commercial property survey, it is essential that you know why you are doing it. The purpose should be clear, are you buying it for yourself or leasing it out to a client. Understanding of the objective will help you in covering all the possible areas in your survey.

2. Research Well

Do your research very well on the property. The survey should have various columns to understand property’s history, zone’s regulation, building rules, permits and any other past surveys. Understanding history of the property is also important because buildings built in past have used asbestos material while constructing the house and these asbestos materials can cause respiratory diseases and harm to workers.

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3. Physical Inspection

While surveying you should conduct a physical inspection as well. Look for structural damage, condition of overall building, working systems, plumbing and drainage systems. After close inspection, note down all possible maintenance and issues you may face after buying.

4. Use Modern Technology

Use technology of drones, thermal imaging and laser to get detailed and all information of the property. The latest technology can reach the area which you cannot reach and can identify the problems which can be missed by your eyes.

5. Meet with Stakeholders

Communicate with the stakeholder, other tenants and property owners to understand challenges they face every day while living there. This will help you in understanding what are the pros and cons of living there. You can also ask them any question you have related to the property.

6. Risk Management

Commercial property survey should help in identifying any potential risk associated with property. While survey is going on you will discover many problems and all these issues will affect the buyers and price. Informing your client beforehand will help them in managing risk and potential issues.

7. Proper Documentation

You should take detailed notes or make a proper format so that your finding can be easily recorded and read later on. You can also take photographs as evidence of the problems, and this will help buyer to have clear image of the property and will give a fair price after calculating risk.


These tips will help you in properly assess the property and conduct surveys very well. You need to be an expert, a diligent worker and effective communicator for a successful commercial property survey.