Council Leaves Asbestos on the Road in Carshalton

Cancer-causing asbestos not cleared from road in Carshalton for four days by Sutton County Council

Potentially cancerous waste fell off the back of a van driving through a residential street near a school on Thursday evening, but four days later it was still cleared up, according to an angry resident. As reported by London Newsquest this week.

Leah Rollins, a medical secretary from Shap Crescent, Carshalton, said she repeatedly complained after her road was strewn with asbestos – a fibrous rock widely used for household insulation until it was declared too dangerous in 1999 – on Thursday evening (December 8).

The 37-year-old said contractors have moved the larger pieces of asbestos, but failed to remove all of the debris.

A Sutton Council spokesman said a “specialist contractor” had been instructed to remove the asbestos – which can cause deadly mesothelioma, a cancer that typically covers thin layers of tissue covering many of the internal organs.

Asbestos Carshalton

It was finally removed on Monday, December 12.

But Ms Rollins claimed that despite repeated reassurances from council officers every day since she first reported it, contractors took too long to remove the asbestos from her road and adjacent Peterborough Road, just yards from Wandle Valley School.

“Asbestos is so dangerous,” Ms Rollins said.

“There will be people who don’t know what it is, and they could be walking through it and tracking it into their homes.

“I’m not happy with how they’ve dealt with it.

“They had no concern or sense of priority to sort it out. It is still there now.”

She added: “I understand services are stretched, but there should be things in place to deal with the dangers in case it happens again.

“I don’t think it’s right.”

A Sutton Council spokesman said: “Sutton Council has instructed a specialist contractor to remove asbestos from a road in Carshalton.

“We thank residents for bringing this to our attention and encourage others to come forward should any similar issue arise.”

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Buckinghamshire Teacher died from asbestos exposure after builders removed the deadly fibres from classrooms

A former teacher died after being exposed to asbestos in schools, a coroner has ruled. As reported in the Daily Mail.

Sue Stephens, 68, worked as a teacher in Buckinghamshire for 30 years before retiring in 2008 to Crediton, Devon.

The grandmother was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, which can lie dormant for decades, in 2014 and died in June this year.

During the inquest, held at Exeter’s County Hall, the court heard that Sue had written a statement saying she recalled construction work being undertaken at another school and asbestos being removed by builders in the classrooms during lessons.

In the statement, she said: ‘Previously I had been very fit and well. This diagnosis came as an enormous shock to me and my family. My symptoms started around 18 months ago.’

She said at one school she used a staple gun to pin children’s work to the walls.

She said: ‘I would stand on a table to do this and it took around two hours. I did it one afternoon every fortnight and I believe I was exposed to asbestos dust and fibres.

‘I was never told it (the school) contained asbestos or to take extra care.’

Greater Devon coroner Dr Elizabeth Earland concluded that Sue died from industrial disease.

She said: ‘I’m satisfied Mrs Stephens was exposed to asbestos during her time as a teacher in schools in Buckinghamshire which underwent building repairs from the 90s upwards.

‘On the balance of probability, and noting the type of repairs at the time and the materials involved, I believe this led to fatal asbestos exposure.’

Prior to her death, Sue’s daughter, Lucie, launched a petition calling for the government to make it law to begin the removal of asbestos from all schools by 2028.

The petition has more than 9,000 signatures.

A Buckinghamshire County Council spokesman said: ‘We would like to express our sympathy to Sue Stephens’ family on their sad loss.

‘We are, however, unable to make any comment on individual cases.’

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