Asbestos Waste Collection & Disposal

Asbestos Waste Collection & Disposal in Kent.
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Asbestos Waste Collection & Disposal

Removing asbestos is important, but disposing it in the right way is even more vital. If the fibres are still within close proximity of people and properties, this can still cause major problems. You will start with the original asbestos survey in Kent. Once you have had your asbestos removal completed, disposal and waste collection is the next step.

All About Asbestos is a market leader in asbestos waste collection and disposal. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust our team to look after your asbestos disposal and get the job done professionally and in good time.

We provide a range of disposal options whether you are an asbestos removal company handling hazardous waste every day or a member of the public concerned about disposing of a garage roof, flue pipe, or other asbestos building material.

The dangers and implications associated with asbestos should be treated with care and taken seriously. From our years of working with a range of different clients across various asbestos jobs, we know how to approach the situation with the right safety precautions and company processes.

Our Approach

Our approach to asbestos waste collection is designed to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience to the client and is thoroughly planned, proactively managed and the waste will be disposed of in an asbestos-specified landfill site to contain any further risks.

If you need assistance with asbestos collection we provide an immediate response, with a personal and professional service delivered on all jobs of all sizes. Whether the job is domestic or commercial, you can put faith in our team to rid the area of asbestos and dispose of the dangerous fibres correctly.

All health and safety regulations are closely followed whilst on the job and we ensure that every single team member is fully trained across all areas, guaranteeing the quality conducted on every single job, no matter who the client is.

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Other Information Regarding Asbestos Disposal

We are commited to providing safe and efficient waste collections for all customers. The following regulations are adhered to:

  • All waste is labelled clearly.
  • All waste is double bagged to prevent contamination and dispersion of fibres.
  • Asbestos is only disposed as asbestos-specific disposal sites.

Support and advice is provided by our team throughout the process. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the process or the service itself, simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to guide you through everything.

It is essential that asbestos is disposed of to prevent the fibres dispersing into the air. It needs to be disposed of as hazardous and special waste.

If it is safe to remove then of yes we can. Once we remove the asbestos we will dispose of it safely and in line with Health & Safety regulations.