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Our Asbestos Removal Services in Sittingbourne

At All About Asbestos, we have many years of experience in the asbestos industry, meaning we can provide all clients with high-quality asbestos remediation services across the entirety of Sittingbourne and surrounding areas.

Our services include asbestos surveys, asbestos sampling, asbestos removals and asbestos management. No matter what type of building you require our services for, we can help provide solutions to the problem at hand. We have undertaken a range of different work such as on industrial buildings and a variety of different properties. We work with our customers to ensure that all health and safety legislation is followed and that all safety hazards are maintained so that the customer stays safe.

How Dangerous Is Asbestos?

Most people have heard of asbestos and its effects, but how many of us actually understand the true risks? Asbestos was entirely banned from the UK in 1999 but thousands of homes and buildings still contain the fibres and asbestos-containing materials.

There are six types of minerals that can be classed as asbestos. Asbestos is not always dangerous however it can take on many forms and cause a variety of different diseases if inhaled or if someone comes into contact with it. The fibres are usually microscopic and can be up to 2000 thinner than a human hair, making it hard to see with the naked eye. It often requires technical equipment and a microscope to reveal the asbestos. Therefore, in order to protect your health and the safety of others, it is recommended that you have a professional and organised asbestos survey and sample at the property.

Some of the many diseases that can occur as a result of inhaling asbestos fibres include mesothelioma, lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Many of these cannot be cured and therefore asbestos has posed a large voice of concern for a variety of different people such as business owners, schools, homeowners and many more. The rise in claims for asbestos diseases has also been noted by many law firms due to the common use of asbestos in many commercial buildings before 1999, that may still be in place today and be causing unnecessary harm.

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Exactly Where Could Asbestos Be In Your Home?

A lot of properties and building structures do incorporate asbestos fibres within their wall structure, insulation pipes, roofs, etc. As soon as disturbed, they are going airborne which could then be breathed in intensely by the lungs, posing major respiratory health problems down the road. Asbestos removal cost is almost nothing when compared to really serious health risks it creates for folks.

Friable – is when the material can be minimised to powder by applying pure hand pressure. Therefore, they’re able to develop fibres quickly and so are a lot more dangerous to folks. Hence, they demand more strict and specific control actions to allow them to be contained and not circulated to the surroundings. Taking Away this sort of asbestos can result in higher asbestos removal cost.

Non-friable – happens when the type of material used is very compact and will not without difficulty discharge fibres into the air. Doing Away With this kind of asbestos may result to decrease asbestos removal charge, and frequently, would possibly not even be vital whatsoever.

Asbestos Removal Process in Sittingbourne

As discussed, asbestos can be fatal in unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, in order to protect your health and the safety of others, it is recommended that you have a professional and organised asbestos survey and sample at the property. This will ensure any asbestos is identified and that the appropriate action can be taken afterwards.

There are two main types of surveys we offer at All About Asbestos. In order to identify asbestos, you must get a management survey. This will detect the presence of any fibres and an analysis of whether they could be damaged will be conducted. For those who are aiming to do demolition or refurbishment work in their home, you will require a more tailored survey known as the refurbishment survey. This allows us to provide you with a more specific survey as the demolition could potentially disturb the fibres, causing more harm than good. After your survey, you will receive a detailed report from us, to ensure you have access to all of the relevant information. This will include asbestos-containing materials, bulk sample analysis, the condition of ACMs, asbestos register, photographic identification, risk assessment, compliance certification and a range of other details that will sum up the findings taken from the survey. Once this has been confirmed then one of our team will arrange a convenient time for you, so we can come out and remove the asbestos, if this is necessary or the best option.  The removal process will then be carried out by our qualified team who will also be able to dispose of the asbestos at the correct place, to ensure no further asbestos-related harm occurs.

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If you need asbestos fibre substances taken away in your own home or business, or you need to understand if you have asbestos present then you need to speak to us, a specialist asbestos removal company ‘All About Asbestos’, who can advise you or remove it in a safe, secure and economical way.

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