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House owners in whose property have artex or patterned ceilings may possibly question the effects of asbestos and in case the types of materials put to use in their homes have it. If yes, in addition, they ponder how much asbestos removal fee would they must spend and if it’s really essential. Those who were unfortunate enough to be at that point in their life in which they would have to meet their asbestos cancer Health Professional didn’t have the benefit of contemplating these effects. Have they known, they would’ve had all asbestos fibres elements stripped away from the house years back.

If asbestos fibres are inhaled, this can pose a life threatening hazard to one’s health and fitness, as an asbestos cancer Healthcare Professional would tell you. Having said that, only by way of microscopic examination might it be determined if there is definitely asbestos fibres in the house. If the houses have been constructed before the 1980s, then more often than not they have it. Asbestos removal cost would then be looked at and speedy removal of asbestos has to be in order.

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Dangers of Asbestos

Although banned in 1999, asbestos is still present in many homes and buildings across the UK. Asbestos is a group of minerals that were used in building materials and a whole range of other things. There are 6 main types of asbestos, which have all been banned in the UK.

Asbestos itself is not necessarily dangerous but if it is tampered with or damaged then this can be a huge hazard. Asbestos has been found in both domestic and commercial buildings, so can be found virtually anywhere. It has also been found in schools and other old buildings that were built before the 2000s. Most asbestos-ridden buildings were built before the 1970’s, however this is not always the case.  

Asbestos has also been connected to various different respiratory diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and several types of lung cancer. As an asbestos remediation company, our aim is to identify and remove any dangerous asbestos from your home or building. If you ever have any concerns about asbestos or would like some advice on the asbestos in your property, please feel free to get in touch.

Asbestos Removal Canterbury

Identifying Asbestos

Before any asbestos removal is carried out, it’s important that the asbestos is correctly identified. We have a highly experienced team of asbestos experts who are able to complete a survey at your home, to find out whether there is asbestos in your home or not.

On the day of the survey, our team will come out to your property and analyse the situation. They will make sure that any dangerous areas are closed off and that the area is well protected. Safety is our number 1 priority when it comes to any asbestos survey and removal so we make sure that all safety precautions are followed during the process.

Once the asbestos survey has been carried out then the samples will need to be taken to a lab, whereby the sample will be tested. This will be tested by experts who will be able to analyse the sample and confirm whether asbestos is present. If asbestos is confirmed then you will want to consider an asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal is not necessary in all cases but a lot of the time the asbestos will need removing. This will entirely depend on the condition that the asbestos is in. If the asbestos is friable then it is likely that the fibres could disperse into the air and cause harm to someone.

Where Could Asbestos Be in My Home?

Lots of properties and building structures do contain asbestos fibres in their wall structure, insulation piping, roofs, and so on. Once displaced, they go airborne which might then be taken in deeply by your lungs, posing considerable respiratory illnesses in the coming years. Asbestos removals charges are very little when compared to the really serious health risk it poses for people.

Products that contain asbestos fibres can be split up into two kinds:

1. Friable – is when the fabric can be decreased to powder through the use of pure hand pressure. Therefore, they can create fibres effortlessly and so are far more hazardous to people. Consequently, they require more strict and specific management measures so they can be contained instead of discharged to the air. Eliminating this type of asbestos may cause a higher asbestos removal charge.

2. Non -friable – is when the materials used have become compact and does not easily release materials in to the atmosphere. Doing away with this sort of asbestos may result to lower asbestos removal cost, and in some cases, might not even be necessary whatsoever.

It should be documented that only through air contamination can asbestos fibres truly pose as a threat to human health and to life itself. But up until the material used is friable, it won’t genuinely affect the environment. Moreover, ceilings usually have numerous coatings of paint put on over them. These layers of paint seal off the asbestos fibres, keeping them from being airborne. It will be correct not to impact these kinds of ceilings to hold asbestos fibres whole, and that is beneficial because if your concerned about money, they could help lessen your asbestos removal cost too. Even so, modifying a light fitted or doing away with artex ceilings can pose potential risk of asbestos fibres being released.

However, if you really would like all the asbestos substances extracted in your home, then you should make contact with a experienced asbestos removal company, for example “All About Asbestos”, so it can be done safely and effectively. If not, you not only raise the asbestos removal cost at some point, you could also put at risk your own personal life along the way.

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