Asbestos Removal Bromley  Asbestos is the term for a group of materials of microscopic fibres and minerals. Asbestos was once a very popular material for many businesses in the construction and building industries due to its appealing properties, but it was eventually discovered to be toxic and dangerous. As the leading asbestos removal company in … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Bromley

If you are searching for ‘asbestos removal Croydon’ then perhaps consider All About Asbestos. Based in Broadstairs, we are a highly experienced asbestos remediation company who are here to help!   We undertake jobs throughout Kent and South London, no matter where they are. If you need a reliable and trustworthy asbestos removal company to … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Croydon

Looking for a high-quality Asbestos Survey Canterbury? Before anything else, it is important to get your property surveyed by professionals to make sure that the right action can be taken. Sometimes you might suspect asbestos when it’s not really there, or you might find that there is a real asbestos issue in your home. Our … Continue reading Asbestos Survey Canterbury

Asbestos Removal Canterbury by All About Asbestos Kent House owners in whose property have artex or patterned ceilings may possibly question the effects of asbestos and in case the types of materials put to use in their homes have it. If yes, in addition, they ponder how much asbestos removal fee would they must spend … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Canterbury

News – HSE Campaign to Address Construction Dust with Asbestos Although asbestos was not always known to be dangerous, new revelations are always being discovered. Asbestos most commonly affects builders, electricians, plumbers and all types of construction workers. At the beginning of October, it was announced that HSE inspectors are bringing in a new campaign … Continue reading HSE Campaign to Address Construction Dust with Asbestos

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal – Explained By All About Asbestos!   An asbestos garage roof removal has become more common in recent times as many households have discovered asbestos to be present on their garage roof. The material was used throughout the 20th century for building garages, so it’s safe to assume that many garages … Continue reading Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

Asbestos Removal in Tunbridge Wells If you are searching for ‘Asbestos Removal Tunbridge Wells’ then perhaps consider All About Asbestos, the leading asbestos removal company in Kent. Choosing the right asbestos remediation company can often be hard as you want to ensure that the work is going to be carried out to a high standard. … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Tunbridge Wells

Looking for an Asbestos Survey in Tunbridge Wells?   If you are searching for ‘Asbestos Survey Tunbridge Wells’ then you have come to the right place. All About Asbestos, based in Broadstairs, have been carrying out asbestos surveys in the Tunbridge Wells area for many years. Asbestos is an important topic to talk about due … Continue reading Asbestos Survey Tunbridge Wells

Asbestos Removal Expert Services in Faversham, Kent by All About Asbestos Homeowners, where family homes have artex or patterned ceilings, may well think about the effects of asbestos fibres and in case the type of material employed for their properties already have it. If that’s the case, they also want to know how much asbestos removals … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Faversham

Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – By All About Asbestos   What is asbestos made of? Asbestos is made of microscopic fibres that can become airborne and inhaled by humans. Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that naturally bundle as fibres. They are made up of several elements, including silicon and oxygen, as … Continue reading Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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