Asbestos Regulations UK – What are the regulations surrounding Asbestos in the UK   Many people come to us at all about asbestos and a very confused by what exactly asbestos is and why the government impose strict regulations on asbestos within the UK. For many years asbestos was used throughout the UK on various … Continue reading Asbestos Regulations UK

Asbestos Survey London – What is it and why is it needed?   This blog post will be updated on a monthly basis and include informative pieces of content aimed at making your knowledge for asbestos surveys in London greater and ensure that you know your responsibility as a property owner and how all about … Continue reading Asbestos Survey London – Monthly Update

Asbestos Testing Ashford – Why is it important? What is asbestos testing in Ashford Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral fibre that used to be a key component within building construction. The main reasons asbestos was used throughout builders in the UK is due to its strength, fire resistance and the nature in which it retains heat. … Continue reading Asbestos Testing Ashford

Asbestos Surveys Kent – Why you need your property checked! What is an asbestos survey in Kent   An asbestos survey can be outlined as an effective way to help duty holders manage all their asbestos problems. Our asbestos surveys in Kent are in depth and conform to the Government regulations. We will provide accurate … Continue reading Asbestos Surveys Kent

Qualified asbestos testing in Faversham As a leading asbestos remediation company in Faversham, we’re dedicated to supporting our clients and their businesses. By providing an unparalleled asbestos management service, we’re dedicated to supporting families and businesses throughout the region. With a clear focus on quality and accountability, All About Asbestos provide a service based on … Continue reading Asbestos Testing in Faversham

Industry leading asbestos removal services in Kent Working within the asbestos industry for over 30 years, the team at All About Asbestos are experienced in providing a comprehensive asbestos management service. From the initial asbestos survey to advanced testing and professional removal, our work conforms to the latest and most up to HSE publications and … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Services in Kent

Accredited Asbestos Testing in Kent What is asbestos? Asbestos is an umbrella term giving to various types of dangerous fibrous minerals. There are two types of asbestos that are more common and these are known as chrysotile and amosite. Our asbestos experts are thoroughly trained in asbestos awareness and testing. This allows them to spot any … Continue reading Accredited Asbestos Testing in Kent

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal Kent Removing asbestos from your garage roof Removing asbestos is a difficult and dangerous task that should only be carried out by licensed professionals. Carrying out any asbestos removal or asbestos testing without the required licensing and training is illegal and may put yourself and others health at risk. Modern day … Continue reading Asbestos Garage Roof Removal Kent

Asbestos Removal in Faversham It can often be difficult to identify asbestos directly as it is mixed in with other construction materials. There are some more common materials in which asbestos can be found but it is essential that an asbestos survey is carried out by professionals. At All About Asbestos, we carry out asbestos … Continue reading Asbestos Removal in Faversham

Professional Asbestos Removal in Broadstairs With over 30 years of asbestos removal experience, All About Asbestos carry out asbestos testing and removal on all industrial, commercial, and domestic properties. All of our customers are provided with an accredited and tailored asbestos survey that includes professional advice on managing asbestos within your property. If you’re looking … Continue reading Asbestos Removal in Broadstairs

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